Cashmere is a wonderful natural fabric to own and with correct care the luxurious feel of cashmere improves with time.
Cashmere lasts for years and the more you wear it, the softer it becomes.
People think that caring for cashmere is not easy and it's costly, but SEMON Cashmere knitwear is easy to look after and they are machine washable.


Yes, washing is healthier than dry cleaning which involves toxic chemicals and huge cost. Cashmere needs moisture and conditioning, like our hair.
There is no need to spend time and money on dry cleaning.

Once a knitted garment is washed, the strands "open" and get fuller and softer. 

It nourishes and conditions this natural fibre and extends the life of the fabric as it loves moisture!
You don't always need to wash the whole item. If there are small food stains, for example, you can let them dry first and then wipe them off using a clothes brush or a damp towel.
  • Hand wash or machine wash on COLD with lowest spin, otherwise wash on silk or delicates cycle to be safe.
  • Small amount of fabric softeners like Woolite or Lenor can be used if you'd like your garment softer.  Too much softener can make a garment feeling heavy, stiff and sticky.
  • If you don't need your cashmere to get any softer or fluffier, you can use a small amount of normal Non-bio laundry detergent or plain Fairy washing up liquid.
  • Put loosely knitted styles like lightweight poncho or pointelle cardigan in a laundry mesh bag before washing to prevent stretch.
  • Do not bleach or tumble dry.
  • Re-shape whilst damp pulling across width or length as required


Cashmere can easily shrink when it is accidentally thrown into regular wash cycles in washing machine.

Washing in hot or even warm water with fast spinning makes cashmere shrink.
Never tumble dry them, this will definitely shrink your cashmere sweater.   


Hand washing cashmere is not difficult, it requires a few quick steps:

  1. Fill a basin with lukewarm/cool water, add a small amount of gentle detergent or Fairy washing up liquid.
  2. Soak the cashmere garment in the water for 10-15 minutes, gently rubbing the fabric to remove any dirt or grime.
  3. Carefully squeeze the water through the fabric. Don’t wring hard if it’s a lightweight garment.
  4. Rinse the cashmere garment in cool water until all of the detergent has been removed.
  5. Squeeze the water from the fabric and reshape it by gently pulling.
  6. Lay the garment flat on a clean, dry towel if it’s lightweight gauzy knit. Or hang on a drying rack if it’s a regular knit.
How to hand wash cashmere

Keep your cashmere clothes soft and luxurious with this simple and effective hand washing technique.
If you're new to hand washing cashmere, don't worry! This guide will help you everything you need to know.
Avoid these when washing your cashmere knitwear:

  • Hot water damages the fibre and cause it to shrink
  • Usage of soap bars makes cashmere felted
  • Too much conditioners and softeners make them stiff and rough
  • Tumble drying shrinks cashmere garments  


Once dried, steam ironing (on wool/medium setting) is highly recommended to make your garment nicely shaped and neat as new!
Steam generator irons are the best options, they can be purchased in Argos or Amazon.
They give the much needed steam moisture to cashmere without any heat damage.
The extra steam is enough to reduce ironing by half the time it takes with a conventional iron.
If you need to widen or lengthen certain parts of your cashmere jumper just pull that part evenly as required and steam iron at the same time.
It's best to lay the garment completely flat on the floor on a thick material so the amount of stretch and shape can be better controlled during steaming.
Stretch ironing is a normal practise in cashmere knitwear, so don't worry about ruining it. Cashmere knits always have a little to give in as it's a natural fibre.

Can you iron cashmere


Those pesky holes in your treasured belongings are a result of the adult moths laying eggs on them. Moth larvae prefer fibers of animal origin, including wool, mohair, cashmere, fur and feathers.
Don't keep your cashmere in dark, quiet places for long time, moths breed in "warm and undisturbed areas"!
It's best to have your regularly worn cashmere jumpers in bright open airy places that gets opened daily or ideally in a cold area.
Check them for moths every month when they are not being used.
Moths that eat cashmere are usually small and brightly coloured and are seen flying around occasionally. Tiny small black and white eggs and large larvae are what you need to look for and clean up from your knitwear.

Cashmere moth holes


Keep away from storing in a place with direct sun light! Some cashmere colours do fade away with extended sun exposure.
When storing your cashmere sweaters for long time always clean first. Moths love cashmere but they also love dirt such as skin particles and microscopic spots of food.
Store them folded in zipped bags in COLD areas like shed or unheated storage. Slight dampness is not an issue for cashmere, cashmere loves moisture.
IKEA DIMPA heavy duty moth and moisture protection storage bags are great storage solution for cashmere sweaters without worrying about moths.
Make sure you get the air out of it and it's tightly zipped after you put all your cashmere in it.

How to store cashmere sweaters



Cashmere will inevitably pill in areas predisposed to friction, i.e. under the arms.
Pilling (tiny balls of fibre) is natural in specially new cashmere but after a few shaving they should cease to form. Shaving doesn't damage or thin the cashmere. This makes the garment look fresh as in it's original state.
Use a lint remover or fabric/clothes shaver to get rid of pills. They can be purchased online.
Place the cashmere clothing flat on a soft surface like sofa or large cushion and shave in slow round movements while being careful around the edges as blades can cut the fabric.
Below is a good depiller that you can buy on Ebay:
How to remove bobbles from cashmere