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Bundle offer for women's cashmere hat, scarf and gloves in sky blue


 Cashmere bundle of double layered beanie hat, perfectly sized lightweight scarf and warm gloves.

Complement your outfit with these matching pieces that are guaranteed to keep you cosy on colder days!

You can purchase them individually also, via the links below:

- sky blue hat

- sky blue scarf

- sky blue gloves 

Made in Mongolia.  
Carefully hand finished exclusively in our small factory. 
100% pure Mongolian cashmere, 2 ply, 12 gauge knit. 
Hand wash in cold or machine wash on silk, delicates or wool cycle. 
Please read our care instructions for further info about how to look after the cashmere!                    

Additional Services:
Love this style but want it in a different colour or size? 
We can produce it in your desired colour and size without any extra charge.
Delivered within 3-5 weeks.
Please contact: to specify your requirements.

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