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How To Style Multiwear Cashmere Ponchos


Multiwear cashmere ponchos are one of the most versatile luxury accessories that you can add to your wardrobe. Cashmere ponchos can be worn in numerous different ways, styled as everything from scarves to evening shawls, and even as a cover up. As a light weight accessory, the multiway cashmere poncho can be worn any time of the year.

Wearing the multiwear cashmere poncho as a cape is a trend raved about by the fashion bible Vogue, and makes the accessory the perfect autumn/winter essential. Pair it with your favourite t-shirt, jeans and signature boots for seasonally appropriate casual chic.

The multiwear cashmere poncho is ideal for traveling, with its practicality and versatility making it an all-in-one scarf and shawl to save you precious luggage space. Elle magazine featured the multiway cashmere poncho as a travel essential that can be used as everything from a pillow to a scarf, and easily stored in your handbag while you’re out and about. For ultimate versatility, consider getting your multiwear cashmere poncho in a monochrome or neutral colour that can be paired with any outfit for understated and minimalistic elegance. 

For evening and formal events, a multiwear cashmere poncho can be elegantly draped over your outfit for added warmth, and it is lightweight enough to be carried during the day at events like weddings or sporting functions. A multiwear cashmere poncho is the perfect companion for formal events, and is hassle-free while elevating any outfit by giving it an instant luxury feel. It can easily bring your outfit from day to night, just by adding this elegant multiway cashmere poncho over your outfit. 

A multiwear cashmere poncho can be worn during any season. Draped over your shoulders during the spring and summer, or wrapped up around your neck in a traditional scarf style for autumn and winter. Our multiwear cashmere ponchos come in every colour of the rainbow, meaning you are certain to find not only your favourite colour, but one that compliments your complexion and skin tone. For a hint of vintage glamour, wear the multiwear cashmere poncho off one shoulder. It makes a perfect pairing over a strapless or short-sleeved dress, and can add an extra layer of comfort to any outfit. 

Cashmere is the perfect investment, as the material is lightweight and soft to the touch while still keeping you warm during the colder months as it can be three times more insulating than regular wool. Cashmere is a long lasting material, and investing in a multiway cashmere poncho means it can stay in your wardrobe for decades to come. The style is timeless and will never date, with its simple elegance making it wearable for everyday and any occasion. The multiwear cashmere poncho makes an affordable luxury gift that is timeless and elegant, and the perfect choice for a birthday, wedding or Christmas gift for your loved ones.






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